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Cray Hawk Wheels Black w/ Chrome Lip

Cray Hawk Wheels Black w/ Chrome Lip

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Cray Hawk Multi-piece Wheels in Black w/ Chrome Lip - Set of 4

Now Available Sizes to fit all C4, C5, C5 ZO6, C6 and C6 ZO6 Corvettes!

18" 9.0" 5/121 50 70 2.0"
18" 10.5" 5/121 65 70 3.0"
19" 9.0" 5/121 50 70 2.0"
19" 10.0" 5/121 37 70 3.0"
19" 10.5" 5/121 65 70 3.0"
20" 10.0" 5/121 37 70 3.0"
20" 10.5" 5/121 65 70 3.0"
20" 12.5" 5/121 47 70 4.0"

HAWK Multipiece Corvette Wheel

Hawk Multipiece Cray Corvette wheels are offered in four different finishes: Chrome, Gloss Black with a Chrome Stainless Cut Lip, Matte Black and Silver with a Machine Face and Chrome Stainless lip. These custom Corvette wheels are exclusively designed for the C4, C5, C6, and Z06. Cray offers this style in 18 inch through 20 inch. Select the perfect high performance staggered wheel for your Corvette.

Cray Wheels designs and manufactures high performance custom Corvette wheels exclusively for the Corvette owner.

Corvette wheels large diameters and very wide widths. Our wheels are made specifically for Corvettes and only for Corvettes. It has always been hard fitting aftermarket wheels on Corvettes. But Cray Corvette wheels change all this. Cray Corvette wheels even accept the original Corvette center cap. Plus, all Cray Corvette wheels take the original Corvette air sensor and are Corvette "hub-centric," ensuring you and your Vette have the smoothest ride.

Of course, you also know that Corvettes require staggered wheel applications. Cray offers the world's widest range of staggered Corvette - specific wheel applications, including 18-, 19- and 20-inch applications. Cray rims are available in the perfect width for your Corvette, because they're specifically designed for Corvettes.

**Please make sure to choose your model corvette and wheel size option when ordering**

**Due to GM having different size tire pressure sensors (TPMS) please check clearance before mounting tire. If the tip of the sensor hits, you will need to either purchase aftermarket (shorter sensors) or band clamp your existing sensors to the inside of the wheel.**

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